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Now in its 5th printing
Now translated into Spanish, French, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Two Minutes to Bitachon will strengthen your Bitachon, answer many difficult questions, offer inspiration, insight and direction.

Join us as Rabbi Shafier goes through the foundations of Emunah and Bitachon, first explaining, then showing real world applications, and finally offering practical techniques for growth.

You will walk away with a solid understanding of our belief system, the inspiration to grow, and with answers to many plaguing questions.

What readers are saying:

“Absolutely indispensable for every Jewish person to read!”

This book is absolutely indispensable for every Jewish person to read! Stop Surviving Start Living gives you the essentials you need to enjoy life on this world the real way: Through the Torah’s timeless wisdom!
Thank You.

Chanie K. Jerusalem

“A Powerful tool for growth”

Very down to earth with examples that hit close to home. A powerful tool for any person looking to grow in Yiddishkiet. Keep up the amazing work!

Simcha L, Lawrence, NY

“Captivates the Reader”

I “learned” the book with a friend every night… We both looked forward to it every single day. Not being able to call each other up on Shabbos to learn was hard to get over- a night without the Shmuz just wasn’t the same. The Shmuz puts so many major life issues into perspective, clarifies important topics and all at the same time captivates the reader. Thank you so much!

Avigail W

Answers you’ll find inside:

What is the difference between Emunah and Bitachon?
If the amount of money is set on Rosh Hashanah, why should I work?
If it’s bashert for me to marry a certain person, can I mess things up? (This is a very applicable concept)
Does HASHEM really want us to work as hard as we do? (this answer may surprise you)
How do I find the balance between the right amount of Bitachon and Hishtadlus (effort)?

What Rabbi’s are saying:

“A must Read!”

So many assumptions that I had, regarding Torah, wisdom, conduct and attitude, have been reshaped by the Shmuz. This is a powerful book

Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Noted Author and Speaker

“Read this book!”

This enjoyable and highly engaging volume will gently propel the reader to view life from a loftier vantage point. Read it and soar!

Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetsky
Rosh Yeshiva, South Shore Yeshiva

“Rabbi Shafier has done it again!”

A groundbreaking volume that will change lives. Here is a book you will have a hard time putting down

Rabbi Pinchus Jung
Noted Mechanech

We know that we are supposed to have Bitachon.
We know that HASHEM determines every outcome. But what does that mean?

Where does that leave free will?
What is HASHEM’s part?
What is ours?
What does perfect Bitachon look like?
Is there such a thing as partial Bitachon?
What are real life tests of Emunah?
And more than anything, how do we strengthen our beliefs – making them real?

What the papers are saying:

“Captures the reader’s mind and heart through vivid imagery. A must-read for anyone who is looking to find true meaning and fulfillment in life.



“Written in accessible language, it reads like a casual conversation with a friend – except that this conversation is deceptively deep and spiritual.”



“…short enough to be finished in a few hours, engaging enough to keep you reading, and most of all, spiritual enough to move your soul.”

The Jewish Press


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