The Torah Lifestyle

Finding Meaning and Purpose in a World Transformed

Can one book really...

Offer a fresh, thought provoking insight on life? Take deep, powerful concepts and bring them down to daily life? Provide answers to deep philosophical issues?

The answer is YES!

The Torah Lifestyle is a thought-provoking and entertaining introduction to Jewish thought. Set in dialogue between a Rabbi and a young lawyer, the reader is taken on a journey to discover the true meaning of life and living from a Torah perspective.

Every day the headlines in the papers relate another tragic incident in the world. Our very social fabric is under attack. The Torah Lifestyle shares with its readers an understanding of life today in the chaotic twenty-first century.

It provides a fresh, motivating, and inspirational look at the purpose of life and the meaning behind so many of the phenomena that we encounter on a daily basis.

What readers are saying:

“I found a treasure”

I found a treasure: the book “The Torah Lifestyle”. After reading it, I shared with all my friends they are amazed, and the feedback I got is “this book answered all my questions”.

Sara F.

Forget philosophy, forget religion, one simple vital question
that absolutely demands being asked;

What am I doing here?
Why did God create me?
What is my purpose in life?

Read the book and find answers!

Provides serious answers to major life questions.

Using a down to earth, practical approach, THE TORAH LIFESTYLE introduces many of the Torah’s concepts of life and living, concepts that everyone assumed we should know, yet somehow we may never have formally addressed.

Now you too, can join the thousands of people, from all walks of life,
and find answers to major life questions.

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