The Shmuz on
the Parsha

Now Available Shmuz on the Parsha Book 1, 2 and 3

What if there was a Parsha book that...

was interesting, intriguing, insightful, and helped you focus on real priorities?

What if it were written in a clear, straightforward manner that was profound, yet easily understood?

What if the message resonated so deeply that you could say it over to your children, yet Torah scholars would find it meaningful?

Now there is!

Let’s face it, finding something in each week’s Parsha that’s meaningful and significant isn’t that simple. Most of us barely have time to go through the Parsha, but then to delve into things, and find something that impacts our life isn’t easy. And even if we do find something noteworthy, to then explain it to the people at our Shabbos table, is a whole other story. The Shmuz on the Parsha book, fills this gap.

What readers are saying:

“A genuine source of chizuk and inspiration”

“I am amazed by the impact of the Shmuz on the Parsha. I read it each week, and say it over at the Shabbos table. My wife, my kids and guests, all listen with rapt attention. Thank you for making The Shmuz on The Parsha available. It is a genuine source of chizuk and inspiration that keeps me focused on my Yiddishkeit and enables me to be a better Jew and human being!”

Chaim R.

” Bite-sized, thought provoking, insightful, enriching, interesting doses of Torah”

I cannot open a chumash, discover insightful ikarim from the parsha that illuminate current events and daily life, and then expound and back it up with midrashim, gemorahs and meforshim. Setting aside the fact that before encountering you I’d never heard of the nefesh hasichli or the nefesh habehami, I need an idea, and a script. Your Shmuz on the Parsh fill that gap, and that is what I use them for. They are bite-sized (okay, maybe a few bites), thought provoking, insightful, enriching, interesting doses of Torah for my guests and me.

David B.

“Our Shabbos table would not be the same without it”

The Shmuz on the Parsha has become a staple at my Shabbos table. My wife and I look forward to it every week. We love how the Shmuz incorporates real life and weaves it into the Parsha for the week. Often the Shmuz reveals the fact that each person is made up of a duality, the higher soul and the soul that is more closely aligned with the animal kingdom. Our task as Jews is to do what we can to utilize our higher soul to get closer to Hashem, while incorporating the physical aspects of this world. In this way, the Shmuz on the Parsha, uncovers the way to harmonize all aspects of our lives. Our Shabbos table would not be the same without a Shmuz on the Parsha.

Avraham B.

“Inspiring, interesting and right on the money”

“I read the Shmuz Parsha as often as I can. I personally find them very inspiring, interesting and right on the money! I often recommend them to my readers as well.”

Ben O

You know the The Shmuz in audio format; an engaging, motivating shiur that deals with real-life issues. Its unique style captivates listeners while inspiring growth and change – almost effortlessly!

The Shmuz on the Parsha Book packs the same powerful, life-changing message into a few short minutes of reading. It will motivate and inspire the people at your Shabbos table to greater levels of spiritual achievement and growth.

Now you too, can join the thousands of people, from all walks of life, and bring meaning and inspiration to your Shabbos table with the Shmuz on the Parsha book!

Each week’s piece offers:

A fresh, insightful and thought provoking perspective on that week’s Parsha.
Taking deep, powerful concepts and bringing them down to daily life.
It’s almost like a burst of inspiration on the weekly Parsha.

Powerful Life-Changing Messages in a few, short minutes of reading!

The Large Coffee Table Edition

This edition is over 350 pages long, and is beautifully laid out for easy reading. It’ unique layout brings another level clarity to the Torah concepts.

The question-and-answer format makes it a great springboard for discussion at the Shabbos table. Allowing you to elevate your Shabbos table throughout the year.

What the papers are saying:

“Pulls you in. Makes the pages of Torah come alive. It is a highly personal, uniquely high-tech form of in-reach.”

The Jewish Week


The graphics are magnificent… matched by the incredible Torah content.



“It puts the lofty concepts into terms we can relate to… you can’t help but feel more spiritual afterward. The Shmuz on the Parshah isn’t just another parsha book. It’s a book for you and me about the life we’re living.”

The Jewish Press



Bring NEW meaning and inspiration to your Shabbos table!!

The SHMUZ ON THE PARSHA 2 & 3 brings an invigorating fresh new look on the Parsha.

Same format as the first Shmuz on the Parsha Book

New Material!

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