The Marriage

The Marriage Seminar is available as an audio series or as a book.

You can't change your spouse...
...But you can change the relationship, and that changes everything.

In this comprehensive guide to marriage, we are given a Torah based perspective on the inner dynamics of marriage. Beginning with the assertion that HASHEM wants marriage to flourish, and that He gave us all the tools to succeed, we explore the inner workings of a relationship.

What are his needs?
What are hers?
Why is it that so often men and women don’t relate to each other?

What readers are saying:

“Realistic and down to earth”

The Marriage Seminar – is excellent; it’s realistic, down to earth, and provides clear advice and direction.

Aaron S.

“I finally understand my wife”

finally understand why my wife reacts the way that she does. Now I have to get her to listen to it, so she can understand me!

Menashe K.

“For the first time, I understand my marriage.”

It gave me so much of a better understanding of what marriage is, and what it’s not.

Dov F.

"The Marriage Seminar provides the guidance and understanding needed to create a successful, harmonious, long standing marriage."

By focusing on some of the most basic needs of a human, and then moving on to many of the more common pitfalls and blunders that couples make, we are given a tour of the complex weave of emotions, needs and expectations that creates a successful marriage.

What Rabbi’s are saying:

“A must Read!”

So many assumptions that I had, regarding Torah, wisdom, conduct and attitude, have been reshaped by the Shmuz. This is a powerful book

Rabbi Hanoch Teller
Noted Author and Speaker

“Read this book!”

This enjoyable and highly engaging volume will gently propel the reader to view life from a loftier vantage point. Read it and soar!

Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetsky
Rosh Yeshiva, South Shore Yeshiva

“Rabbi Shafier has done it again!”

A groundbreaking volume that will change lives. Here is a book you will have a hard time putting down

Rabbi Pinchus Jung
Noted Mechanech

Isn't it ironic?

To drive a car in NY
you have to pass a written exam, take a drivers
ed course, have 50 hours of supervised practice
and then pass a driving test.

To become a barber in California
you have to take a 1500-hour course and pass
a written and practical test.

To get married in these states
ALL you have to do is sign your name and pay a fee.

   Doesn’t a successful marriage require as much education as driving a car?

Some of the issues the Marriage Seminar deals with:

Why do some marriages thrive and other’s fail?
Love is the Glue that Holds It All Together—how to foster and maintain it.
The Role of Physical Relations in Marriage (This might be an eye-opener)
Understanding Emotions — Yours and Your Spouses Cycles in the Relationship – and how to react to them
His Needs, Her Needs —“Why does she act that way?” “It’s not my fault; he pushes all my buttons.”
People Skills l — The Danger of Criticism
People Skills 2 — Avoiding Destructive Habits (Why do we fight over such petty things?)

What the papers are saying:

“Captures the reader’s mind and heart through vivid imagery. A must-read for anyone who is looking to find true meaning and fulfillment in life.



“Written in accessible language, it reads like a casual conversation with a friend – except that this conversation is deceptively deep and spiritual.”



“…short enough to be finished in a few hours, engaging enough to keep you reading, and most of all, spiritual enough to move your soul.”

The Jewish Press



Now the Marriage Seminar is also avaible in book form!

This 180 page fully sourced book is based on the information in the audio marriage seminar. It is a deailed and fully source book, and makes a great companian to the audio series, or can function as a stand alone guide to a Torah perspective on marriage.

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