The definition of rechilus is if you come to me and tell me that So-and-So planned on doing something bad to me, So-and-So did something wrong to me; that is rechilus. You violate לא תלך רכיל בעמך, do not be a talebearer in your nation, by speaking those words. And it’s a full prohibition, it’s a full issur.

In addition to the issur, to the prohibition of speaking rechilus, it’s additionally assur for me, the one who’s listening, to be mekabel, to accept it to be true. Just as we saw in lashon hara that I’m not allowed to accept lashon hara, I’m not allowed to accept it to be a fact. So too, if you tell me over something that Reuven planned on doing to me or Reuven did to me or Reuven said about me, if you speak it over, you’ve violated rechilus. And if accept it to be a fact, that’s considered being mekabel, and being mekabel rechilus is forbidden. It’s a prohibition just like accepting lashon hara.

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