The Laws #74

Changing the View

Let’s imagine a certain even happens. And I sit down with you and I analyze this event with you and I explain to you, you know something? Really what Reuven did to you in that situation was wrong. You don’t appreciate that what he did was really wrong and he hurt you and he harmed you. And let’s assume that I go through this with you and I convince you, in fact, that what Reuven did to you was wrong. And you thank me very much for helping you understand that situation in a different light.

Explains the Chafetz Chaim, what I’ve done is I’ve spoken rechilus. Why? You knew all the facts. You knew that Reuven did or said whatever it may have been. But you viewed it as either innocuous, innocent, whatever it may have been. But through my description to you I’ve changed the view that you have of what Reuven did to you. So what I’ve done is I’ve communicated to you that Reuven did something bad to you, Reuven did something harmful to you. So what I’ve done is I’ve involved myself in rechilus.

What difference does it make if I tell you something you didn’t know, that Reuven did something or said something about you, or even if you knew it, but you interpreted it in a positive way, and now I change your interpretation, I also now have told you that Reuven has done something harmful to you. And explains the Chafetz Chaim that this is fully rechilus and is a full prohibition of the Torah.

And therefore one has to be very careful because we like to be helpful, we like to be beneficial and we like to explain to people things and maybe help them understand better. But, if in fact, I’ve changed your view of the situation and through it you now view that which someone did to you as wrong, I’ve violated rechilus and it’s a full prohibition of the Torah.

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