The Laws #72

The Vicious Cycle

If I go over to you and tell you that Reuven spoke badly about you, Reuven plans on doing something bad to you, I have violated rechilus. If you then go to that person, you go to Reuven and say, Reuven, why did you speak badly about me? Rabbi Shafier told me that you said such and such. You have now also violated rechilus. Because you’ve told him that I told over what he did. And obviously, that’s going to cause him to be angry at me for blabbing.

If he then comes to me and says, why did you go ahead and tell that fellow what I did, then he also violated rechilus, because he now said that you said, that I told over, and the cycle completes.

Any situation where you tell about someone who has spoken badly about them is within the category of rechilus. Even if it’s been caused by a similar event, it continues the crime and the same prohibition applies, even if it’s one thing that led to another that led to another.


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