The Laws #70

About Your Business

As I’m forbidden to tell you that Reuven said something bad about you or planned on doing something bad to you, so too, I’m forbidden to tell that Reuven spoke badly about your merchandise, your business, or your services.

If I come over to you and tell you, Reuven said that your merchandise is inferior; he told me that your business isn’t really up to par, he told me your services aren’t really what they should be, that is rechilus. Because, again, what’s going to happen thereby is you’re going to have complaints against Reuven. You’re going to be angry at Reuven. And unless there’s a specific toeles, there’s a specific benefit in my telling that to you, it’s forbidden under the category of rechilus.

Not only am I not allowed to tell you that Reuven spoke badly about you, intends to do bad to you, any way that I say he’s spoken badly about things that you’re involved in, whether it be your business, your merchandise, your services, is included in the lo sa’aseh of לא תלך רכיל בעמך.


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