The Laws #45

Lashon Hara About A Sibling

As it’s forbidden to speak about any Jew, so too it’s forbidden to speak about a brother or sister, even if I’m telling these events to a mother or a father. Explains the Chafetz Chaim, if I go to my father to tell him about my brother, even though it’s for good in the sense that I feel my father loves him and even though it’s family, unless there is a specific toeles, a specific positive reason for doing it, it’s absolutely lashon hara. Even though they’re all relatives, and even though I say my father loves my brother and what’s going to come of it, but again, unless there’s a toeles, unless there’s a specific benefit here, it’s considered as much lashon hara as it is to speak about anyone else. It makes no difference whether that person I’m speaking about is a relative or a distant person, it’s still within all the issurim, all the prohibitions of lashon hara.

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