Working For A Living

We know that we were put on this planet for a few short years to shape ourselves into who we will be for eternity. HASHEM has created this world specifically to give us the chance to mold our inner essence. We also know that the Torah and its mitzvos are the greatest vehicles for self-perfection. So why do we need work? HASHEM is quite capable of creating a world where all of man’s needs are met. Yet, not only do we labor, it seems that majority of our lives are spent earning a living. Why would HASHEM want that to be? If the entire purpose of life is to allow us to grow in spirituality, wouldn’t those goals have been better met by putting us in a world where all of our physical needs were taken care of so we would have the time and energy to focus on perfecting ourselves?

This Shmuz addresses one of the most basic questions a Jew must ask himself: why does HASHEM want me to work for a living?

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