Understanding Nature – Putting the “WOW” Back into Nature

Who can look at a sunset and not say “Wow, look at the beauty of this world!” Yet, it seems that we rarely do that. It is almost as if we are detached from the natural world, as if the world of lions and tigers and bears is reserved for taking our children to when they are little, but has no connection to our lives.

The Rishonim tell us that the surest way to come to understand that there is a Creator of the world is to look at the Creation and say just that. “Wow! Look at the wisdom, look at the vastness; look at the sophistication of this world!” But looking at the world with an eye to see its Creator requires attention and training.

This Shmuz helps us focus on the “Wow” behind nature, thereby allowing us to be moved by the awe-inspiring miracles within it.

Understanding Nature – Putting the “WOW” Back into Nature Audio

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