Teshuvah Shmuz 5770 – Limiting Beliefs

In 1997 in Tallahassee, Florida, a young boy was involved in an accident and ended up being pinned under the wheel of a car. Rescuers couldn’t help him; he was trapped. An onlooker, seeing the danger, rushed over, and almost without thinking, reached for the fender of the car, lifted it off the ground, and freed the boy a feat of amazing strength.

The unusual part of the story is that the hero, the one who lifted the car, was not a trained emergency professional or some big burly fireman, but rather the boy’s 63-year-old grandmother.

After this event, she said, “If I was able to do this when I didn’t think it was possible, what does that say about the rest of my life? Have I wasted it?”


Teshuvah Shmuz 5770 – Limiting Beliefs Audio

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