Shmuz #211

Putting G-d Back into the Religion

The Chovos HaLevavos explains that in order to have bitachon, you must realize that Hashem cares about you in a very real way. You must appreciate that Hashem is deeply concerned for your good. And you must know that Hashem loves you.

But Hashem doesn’t care about you as a mortal cares about you. Hashem cares about you more than any person could care about you. Hashem cares about you vastly more than even you care about yourself. Moreover, Hashem looks out for your best interests. But, Hashem doesn’t look out for your interests as a friend or a loved one might. Hashem looks out for your wellbeing immeasurably more than you or anyone else ever could. And most significantly, Hashem loves you—but not as a person loves another person. Hashem love you more than anyone could ever love you. Hashem loves you infinitely more than you love yourself.

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