Olam Habba: The Greatest Motivator

In his book The Vanishing Jew, Alan Dershowitz describes that as part of a course he taught in Harvard Law School, one of his co-professors decided to rate G-d. They decided to sit in judgment of HASHEM to determine how good a job He did when He created this world. Their conclusion? They found much good, much wisdom and forethought, but they also found much suffering and pain – needless pain. On balance, they gave G-d a B-.

Forgetting about the absurdity of a flesh and blood man judging G-d, the professor’s question is valid. If HASHEM is all good and He created this world to give to man, it surely would seem that He could have done a better job.

This Shmuz brings us to understand some of the most basic issues that a ben Torah must fully comprehend – why HASHEM created this world and what He has in mind for us.

Olam Habba: The Greatest Motivator Audio

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