Shmuz #35

Hashem and Man: Master and Servant (Understanding Humility)

We know the Torah gave us a specific mitzvah to work on our character traits, but how do I change my very basic, underlying emotional makeup? Much like as with any character trait, I didn’t wake up in the morning and say, “I just want to be a big, fat, arrogant buffoon.” I know I shouldn’t consider myself the most important human on the planet, G-d’s gift to humanity, but what can I do? That’s how I feel. Now what?

This Shmuz helps us deal with gaavah, arrogance, as it functions in our lives.

  • How do I recognize if I am affected by this trait?
  • How do I work on it?

Understanding our relationship with HASHEM is the first line of defense against arrogance, and as it turns out, the sense of humility is central to all of avodas HASHEM.

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