Every human needs to grow; it is an inborn trait in the species. Sometimes, that trait manifests itself into real, significant growth, but sometimes, it is channeled into lesser pursuits. A sure sign of this is when someone incessantly chases after something that never satisfies him. The multi-millionaire who constantly seeks more money, the king who goes to war to expand the boundaries of his already-secure territory  – these are manifestations of the need for growth, incorrectly channeled.

This need for growth stems from the neshoma of man, from his soul. Man was placed on this planet for the sole purpose of growth. If he fulfills his soul’s need, he will be satisfied and find peace. If he doesn’t, then the unmet need will plague and haunt him, demanding gratification from something – anything – as long as it takes away that gnawing sense that ”I am wasting my life.”

This Shmuz introduces us to some of the most basic functions in a human being and helps us to understand exactly what man needs to attain happiness.


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