Shmuz #166

Everybody is Doing it! The effect of Society on us

On Yom Kippur, at the start of the Yovel year, we are commanded to publicly blow the shofar. This marks the culmination of the calendar cycle. When we are on our own land, we are commanded to keep every seventh year as the shmittah year, and then at the completion of seven shmittos, to add an additional shmittah year – the Yovel. Not only does the land lay fallow during Yovel, homesteads return to their original owners, and all Jewish slaves are freed.

We are all well aware of the power peer pressure, but it is only something that affects children, or at most adolescents. It isn’t something that shapes the behaviors of thinking, mature adults.

This Shmuz focuses on the effect society and our peer group have on shaping both our behavior and our world view.

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