Shmuz #71

Chesed: Being Like HASHEM

One of the most detailed sections in Torah is the description of Avraham Avinu’s chessed to the three angels. Posuk after posuk tells us the minutiae of how Avraham served his guests. But of all his spiritual accomplishments, what is so great about this one? Why does the Torah give it so much attention?

The answer is that chessed is the closest means we have of emulating HASHEM. HASHEM is the ultimate Giver. He gave us life and all the brachos that come with it. Avraham knew this, so he cherished every opportunity to do chessed. And the Torah wants us to absorb that lesson.

Believe it or not, each of us can be like Avraham. We’ve got it in our genes. We just have to keep our eyes open for opportunities.

This Shmuz will show you how to move away from self-centeredness and into other-centeredness. Not only will you become a better oved HASHEM, your life will be more satisfying, too.

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