Shmuz #110

Becoming a Great Individual

Every individual is created with different strengths and weakness. One person has great physical strength, and the other has a strong mental capacity. One is a financial wizard who can’t fix his car; the other is a great talmid chacham who can’t balance his checkbook. Some people can paint, some are public speakers, some play the piano, and some can write poetry – each and every person has unique abilities. And just as there are different aptitudes, talents, and gifts, there are different expectations for each person.

One of the keys to leading a successful life is to find your personal strengths so you can develop and use them to accomplish great things. At the end of our days, each of us will be asked if we achieved greatness. What is greatness? It is not a comparison to someone else’s accomplishments. The question will be, “Did you use your abilities, gifts, and talents to become the great individual that you had the potential to become?”

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