Be Brave, Be Bold

All the great leaders and teachers of the Jewish nation had faults and flaws. The Torah tells us the shortcomings of Avrohom, Dovid, and Shlomo. More amazingly, the Gemara tells us that the four men who never sinned aren’t counted amongst the greatest of our nation. Why?

The reason is simple. HASHEM didn’t put us on the planet not to sin. HASHEM created us to act – to accomplish, to change ourselves, to change our world. To do this, we need to stand up for what is right despite the odds, despite what others will say or think. But where does a person get the courage and strength to do that, to be bold and be brave?

This Shmuz introduces us to one of the basic life outlooks necessary for a person to reach his potential.

Be Brave, Be Bold Audio

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