Sefer Yonah: Pathways to Teshuva
Pathways to Teshuvah – a four part CD series with in depth, behind the scenes facts, that allow you to understand the events as they unfold with crystal clarity.

Gain clarity and understanding about Sefer Yonah, as the story of the opens up in front of you!
Sefer Yonah brings powerful lessons about teshuvah and about life—lessons that can be enduring, meaningful and serve as a powerful bonding tool between us and Hashem.

Gain answers to these fundamental questions:

Why was HASHEM so concerned that Ninveh do Teshuvah?
What was the real reason that Yonah run away?
Why did HASHEM arrange for a huge fish to swallow Yonah?
What lessons are we supposed to take from Yonah?

This is a 5-part series with in-depth, behind-the-scenes facts, which will allow you to understand the events as they unfold, with crystal clarity. In the words of one listener: “It is unsurpassed in its scope, its simplicity and its depth… more than anything I have heard before, on the subject of the Sefer Yonah.”


The series is divided into 5 sections.
Each section is about 30 minute long.


Who Yonah Was
In the Whale
Going to Ninveh
The Aftermath