TheShmuz On The Parsha

TheShmuz I’m excited to announce a brand new Shmuz on the Parsha Series. Please join me each week as we uncover fresh insights, ground breaking ideas and thought-provoking concepts that are carefully crafted to be real and relevant to your life. Think of each Shmuz as a thirty-five minute investment in your ruchnius- your spiritual stamina that will elevate your Shabbos table, your family and the entire week that follows. I look forward to having…

The Shmuz on Purim

Experience Purim as never before Even a person, who hasn’t gone through all of the seforim and all of the Mefarshim on Purim, will be left with a very comprehensive picture of what actually took place in the Megillah! And will gain a very clear insight as to what exactly transpired, with unparalleled clarity unlike anything they ever perceived before. This is a series you don’t want to miss! Download Full Series

Mussar 101 – Webinar

You know what’s it like, you listen to a Shmuz, you feel inspired, renewed, and ready to take on life…but, then a week later, or two weeks later– it’s gone. And you’re back to the same way of doing things. But what can you do? Change is hard. And real growth takes tremendous effort and energy. What if there were an almost effortless way to not just gain inspiration, but to make it part of…

At The Foot of Har Sinai

What was it like to be at the foot of Har Sinai when HASHEM spoke? What were the people then thinking? What were they experiencing? What lessons can we learn from it? Part 1- A Monumental Moment for Mankind Part 2- Standing at the foot of the Mountain – session a Part 3- Standing at the foot of the Mountain – session b Part 4 – Eternal lessons for an Eternal People

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