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Q&A: Marriage

Having married couples over...

Q Hope all is well. I have a question. The way I grew up, my parents/family had meals with other couple on Shabbos all the time and it is for sure a very nice thing. But on the other hand I feel that maybe it is not so appropriate to have meals with other married couples because then the women and men that are not married to each other become friend/friendly and I feel that maybe that is not so appropriate, chas vshalom that something would happen, but take away that, it’s just seems maybe that it’s not so appropriate for married people to be friendly with the opposite sex. What is your opinion? Thanks!


How does one know when he has done enough...

Q How does one know when he has done enough (or even too much) Hishtadlus? In other words, if Hashem has a plan for each of us, how does one know when he needs to let go and let G-d do the rest, or when he needs to be much more proactive in his life path? The mindset might sound something like this: “If Hashem truly wanted me to marry someone or find the right career, etc… he would have set things in motion as well as put the right thoughts in my head to be confident on what the correct path is for me.”


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