The Tefilah Project 2 – Shemoneh Esrei


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A detailed study of the meaning, intent and structure of the greatest prayer ever composed.
The Anshei Kaneses HaGedolah, a gathering of 120 great senior sages, amongst them many prophets, composed the Shemoneh Esrei; with astounding meaning and precision. It is a prayer for all people, and for all times.
Delve into its inner meanings. Understand the intention, flow and meaning of each bracha Bring new freshness and life to an ancient prayer Increase your attention and intention of your tefilah.

Introduction: Davening – Making it Real
Session 1: What Kavanah Means and How to Attain it
Session 2: The structure, Intent and Focus of Shemoneh Esreh
Session 3: Avos – Tapping into Ancient Merits
Session 4: Gevuros – The Might and Majesty of our Creator
Session 5: Kedushas HASHEM – Relatingto the Holiness of HASHEM
Session 6: Personal Requests 1 – Asking for Wisdom, Torah and Forgiveness
Session 7: Personal Requests 2 – Asking for Salvation, Health and Sustenance
Session 8: Communal Requests 1 – Redemption and Restoration
Session 9: Communal requests 2 – Rebuilding of Davidic Reign
Session 10: Appreciation and Recognizing the Good

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