The Parsha in Depth

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“The Parsha in Depth:Gain new understanding and appreciation of what really happened in the events of the Parsha- Enjoy a new perspective on the greatness of the Avos and Imahos. -Take away many, many life-changing mussar concepts

Sefer Bereishes: List of CDs

• Bereishis: Adom and Chava in Gan Eden-Before the Sin and After
• Noach: Life in Times of Destruction
• Lech Licha: The Life of Avrham
• Vayerah: A day in the Life of a Spiritual Giant
• Chayei Sarah: Finding a Wife for Yitzchak
• Toldos: Yaakov and Aysav-Born to Their Roles
• Vayetzei: Rochel and Leah-Recognizing Greatness
• Vayishlach: Confronting and Confounding Aysav
• Vayeshev: The Early Part of Yosef’s Life
• Mikeitz Part 1: Ascension to Royalty
• Mikeitz Part 2: Dreams, Prophecies and NDE
• Vayigash: Confrontations, Sacrifices and Redemption
• Vayichi: Yaakov’s Days of Bliss”

Sefer Shemos: List of CDs

1 SHEMOS: Growing into a Nation
2 VAEIRA: Was Pharoh Really that Dumb?
3 BO: Denial was a River in Egypt
4 BESHALACH: There are Miracles, And Then There Are Miracles
5 YISRO: What Moved the Man?
6 MISHPATIM: One Who Wishes to be Righteous
7 TERUMAH: The Devil is in the Details
8 TETZAVEH: One Bad Middah Can Ruin Your Whole Day
9 KI SISAH: In Calves We Trust?
10 VAYAKHEL/PIKUDEI: The Kedusha was in the Air

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