Purim: The Story Behind The Story
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Purim: The Story Behind The Story

A verse by verse analysis of Megilas Esther on 4 CD’s with explanations drawn from Rashi, The Gra, Targum, Targum Sheini, Gemarah Megillah (Rashi and Maharsha).

Gain clarity and greatly enhanced understanding as to what happened during the story of Purim, as Megillas Esther is revealed before you.

Even if you haven’t gone through all of the seforim and all of the Meforshim on Purim, you’ll acquire a very comprehensive picture of what actually took place in Megillas Esther. This audio recording will give you very clear insight as to what exactly transpired, with unparalleled clarity unlike anything you’ve heard before!

This 4 CD set makes a great gift – it’ll surely be appreciated for a very long time!