Marriage Seminar CD Set


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“A 12 session, comprehensive guide, to a Torah perspective on Marriage. The Match is Made in heaven; it’s up to you to make the marriage!

Sessions in the Marriage Seminar
1. Introduction – The State of Marriage today
2. Love is the Glue of a Marriage
3. To Respect and to Love
4. Equal Partners—Different Roles
5. Men are from Mars
6. Women are from Venus
7. Tools that Bond
8. Love Won’t Cure All
9. The Hidden Secret of Appreciation
10. Best Friends Forever
11. Why Couples Fight
12. Avoiding Destructive Habits.

Why Do Some Marriages Thrive and Other’s Fail?

  • Love is the Glue that Holds It All Together
  • The Role of Physical Relations in a Marriage (This might be an eye-opener for many people)
  • Understanding Emotions — Yours and Your Spouse’s
  • Cycles in the Relationship-and how to react to them
  • His Needs, Her Needs — “Why in the world does she act that way?”
  • The Need to Change — “It’s not my fault; he pushes all my buttons.”
  • People Skills l — The Danger of Criticism, Complaints, and Carping
  • People Skills 2 —Avoiding Destructive Habits (Why do we fight over such petty things?)”

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