Lost Art of Teshuva


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“The Lost Art of Teshuvah
4 Part Series
We know that teshuvah works. The Nivim tell us over and over. Chazal speak about it many, many times. We even have Yom Kippur, a day created for teshuvah. The question is why don’t we make use of it?

Why aren’t we standing there on Yom Kippur, with tears flowing down our face, repenting, improving, ridding ourselves of a year’s worth of iniquities?

It isn’t that we don’t want to. It isn’t even that we don’t believe in it. So, what is blocking us? What is preventing us from using this fantastic gift?

This four part series focuses on the motivation to do teshuvah, and the different parts of the teshuvah process.

This is a compilation of previous Teshuvah Shmuzin, said over the years.
CD included in this set: 1-Yom Kippur-Finding Direction in Life 2-Diamonds with a Flaw 3-Limiting Beliefs 4-A Fresh New Start”

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