Life 101

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Life 101
Don’t you wish life came with an instruction manual?

It does…

Using real life situations, powerful examples, and meaningful observations, it brings basic Torah wisdom to making sense of out why HASHEM made us, what we are doing here, and what we need to be truly happy.

It deals with the fundamental issues facing a growing person in our hectic, confusing times.

Topics like:
· Why is life often so difficult?
· Why is there so much suffering in the world?
· What is the Torah’s approach to pleasure (This may come as a big surprise)
· Why are some mitzvahs so difficult?
· How can I stay motivated to grow, when so many things distract me? (It’s not as difficult as you might think)

Based on the first perek of the Misillos Yesharim.

If you had a chance to read the Shmuz book Stop Surviving, Start Living, you’ll recognize some of the issues that that this series deal with. The Life 101 set expands on those ideas, and digs in more deeply into them.

Packaged in an attractive binder, on both CD as well as DVD disks, it comes together with a workbook. It is also available on line to stream or download.

The series is divided into 16 sections.
Each section is about 30 minute long.
16 CDs + 4 DVDs of the Video
24 page source book included