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Humility, Arrogance and Self-Esteem: Becoming a Whole Person

Humility is the most difficult character trait to acquire, and the most central. It affects our perspective on life, our relationship with HASHEM, and the way we interact with others. A humble man is happy, balanced and loved—he is a pleasure to be with. An arrogant man is needy, torn, disliked by all—he is distasteful to be with.

Nevertheless, it seems that the humble man is timid, meek and accomplishes little whereas the arrogant man is successful, driven and accomplishes much. Isn’t self-image the key to success?

Is there a way to recognize our potential, aim for greatness, and yet remain humble?
This series defines the difference between humility and a poor self-image, explains the relationship between arrogance and anger, jealousy and honor-seeking, and offers the practical tools and real life exercises needed to be at peace with your unique strengths, talents and abilities while maintaining a healthy dose of humility.

Titles in the Series
Session #1 – A Balanced Sense of Self: It’s All a Gift
Session #2 – Arrogance, the Unmet Greatness of Man and a Cure to Haughtiness
Session #3- Taking Credit for the Attribute
Session #4- Life Brings Humility
Session #5- Arrogance and Anger:Living with Humility
Session #6- Kavod: How to Ruin Your Life”

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