Guard Your Tongue CD Set


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Guard Your Tongue

A practical, engaging guide to the laws of Shemiras Halashon (Speech)
In this five-part series, you will gain a clear understanding of the laws of lashon harah (forbidden speech). Using gripping cases from Chazal and powerful examples from everyday life, this series informs and inspires us to guard our tongues.

Answers that you’ll gain from this series:

Why is lashon harah considered a severe issue?
When am I allowed to speak lashon harah?
When am I allowed to listen?
When am I allowed to accept it as true?
What if I’m called as a reference for a shidduch?
What am I allowed to say? What am I not allowed to say?
What if I know something negative and I wasn’t asked?
Am I allowed to speak lashon harah if it will teach people to improve themselves?
Is lashon harah permitted about a community or a city?
If “everyone knows about it,” does that make it permitted?
Am I allowed to read a newspaper article about a Jew who is on trial for tax evasion?
Is lashon harah forbidden about a spouse? (The answer may come as a surprise.)
Am I allowed to speak lashon harah to my spouse?”

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