Bitachon Workshop

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Bitachon Workshop

10 hours that could change your life!

Strengthen your Bitachon
Answer many difficult questions
Receive inspiration, insight and direction

A series of 30 recorded shiurim outlining the basics of Bitachon and Emunah

We know that we are supposed to have Bitachon. We know that HASHEM determines every outcome. But what does that mean? Where does that leave free will? What is HASHEM’s part? What is ours? What does perfect Bitachon look like? Is there such a thing as partial Bitachon? What are real life tests of Emunah? And more than anything, how do we strengthen our beliefs – making them real?

Same style as the Shmuz
Based on the Chovos Ha’Levovos Sha’ar Ha’Bitachon

Join us as Rabbi Shafier goes through the foundations of Emunah and Bitachon, first explaining, then showing real world applications, and finally offering practical techniques for growth. You will walk away with a solid understanding of our belief system, the inspiration to grow, and with answers to many plaguing questions.
Some of the issues dealt with:
• What is the difference between Emunah and Bitachon?
• If the amount of money I am to make is set on Rosh Hashanah, why should I go to work?
• If it’s bashert for me to marry a certain person, can I mess things up? (This is a very applicable concept)
• Does HASHEM really want us to work as hard as we do? (this answer may surprise you)
• How do I find the balance between the right amount of Bitachon and Hishtadlus (effort)?
• Does having perfect Bitachon mean that I will have no worries?
If everything that HASHEM does is for the best, why daven?