Vayikra: Parshas Hachodesh- It’s Not Fair

Great affront to the Mitzrim After months of witnessing HASHEM’s mastery over nature, the Jewish people were commanded to commit the ultimate affront to the Mitzrim: to take their very god, tie it to the bedpost, and prepare it to be slaughtered on the 14th of Nissan. They were then to take the blood of the korbon and smear it on their doorposts as a sign to protect them. Additionally, they were told that since…

Vayikra: With A Small Aleph

Sefer VaYikrah opens with the expression, “And HASHEM called to Moshe.” The word Vayikrah (called) is written with a small aleph. The Baal Ha’Turim explains that this was because of Moshe Rabbeinu’s extreme humility. HASHEM told him to write the word Vayikrah with an aleph. That implies that HASHEM called Moshe to come forward for an audience. Moshe felt that was too much honor. He wanted it to appear as if it were more of…

Vayikra: Things I Do And Things I Don’t Do

The Da’as Zekeinim explains that the reason every korban must be brought with salt is to remind us that just as salt is a preservative that allows food to last longer, so too the sacrifices are permanently ours to cleanse us from our sins. He then explains why this concept is crucial. If a man sins and gains atonement from that sin, he is clean and will then be guarded against committing the sin again….

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