Vayeitzei: The Influence of Society

When Yaakov Avinu was told that his brother Aysav was plotting to kill him, he ran from his father’s home and prepared for an extended stay in exile. Along the way, he davened and asked HASHEM for a number of

Vayeitzei: The Sensitivity of a Tzaddik

When Yaakov met Rochel at the well, he experienced conflicting emotions. He felt tremendous joy at having finally met his bashert, yet he raised his voice and cried. Rashi explains that he cried because he came empty-handed. He said, “My

Vayeitzei: I Need Needs

Yaakov asks for four things As Yaakov Avinu is running from his parents’ home to escape from Aysav, he recognizes that he is beginning a new chapter in his life. He turns to HASHEM and pleads for four things: HASHEM