Naso: I Never do Anything Wrong

The Torah describes the details of a sotah. If a woman acts in a manner that causes her husband to suspect her of infidelity, he should warn her not to go into seclusion with that other man. If she violates this warning, then the husband is to take her to the Kohain. The Kohain will give her the “bitter waters” to drink. If she was unfaithful, she will instantly die. If she was not unfaithful,…

Naso: Humility, Being Human

With these words the Torah begins the parsha of Nazir. A Nazir is one who in order to distance himself from sin will separate from worldly pleasures and dedicate himself for a given time exclusively to serving HASHEM. because he is now in a state of holiness, he must not cut his hair, drink wine or become spiritually impure. If he does become spiritually impure during this time, he must bring a sacrifice of atonement….

Naso: Listening to Your Messages

The Connection between the Sotah and the Nazir If a man suspects his wife of infidelity, he is to bring witnesses and warn her not to go into private quarters with the man in question. If she violates that warning, he is to bring her to the kohain, who will give her the “bitter waters” to drink. If she was falsely accused and was innocent, she will be blessed with children. If she was guilty,…

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