Bechukosai: If You Will Labor in Torah Study

The Torah lays out two divergent destinies for the Jewish people: “If you will go in the ways of my statues. . . I will give you rainfall in its time, the land will give forth with abundance, the trees

Bechukosai: The Power of a Tzibbor

The Torah is very explicit that if the Jewish nation follows the ways of HASHEM, we will enjoy peace, prosperity, and success in all of our endeavors. We will plant and harvest abundant crops, our borders will be secure, –

Behar: Everyone is Doing It

The mitzvah to blow the shofar on yovel When we are on our own land, we are commanded to keep every seventh year as the shmittah year, and at the completion of seven shmittos, to add an additional shmittah year