Bamidbar: Where are you coming from

Less than a year after the giving of the Torah, HASHEM told Moshe to again count the Jewish People. The Siforno points out that this counting was unique as it counted each person by name, whereas thirty-eight years later, when the Jews were about to enter the land of Israel and were counted again, there is no mention of counting by name. The Siforno explains that this is because the generation that left Egypt was…

Bamidbar: Choose Your Friends Wisely

Yissochor and Zevulun became the teachers and supporters of Torah Rashi quotes the Medrash, “ Yissochor and Zevulun became great in Torah because their tents were placed next to the tents of Moshe, Aharon, and his sons. The 250 individuals who joined Korach in his rebellion against HASHEM, on the other hand, did so because their tents were located next to Korach’s.” From here Chazal learn, “Praise be a tzaddik, and praise be his neighbors….

Shavuos- A Craving to See HASHEM

The moment in history The entire nation – every man, woman and child – was gathered at the foot of Har Sinai for what was to be the greatest revelation in the annals of history. HASHEM’s voice was about to be heard. In addition to the transmission of the Torah, the event would forever carve into human awareness the understanding that HASHEM is the Creator. Never before or since has a generation reached that level…

Shavuos – The Giving of the Torah- The Ultimate System of Self Perfection

The Even Ezra explains that people are perplexed by this mitzvah. How is it possible not to desire that which I find beautiful? The Torah can forbid actions or of speech, because I can to control my behaviors.  But desires dwells deep within a person. They are a function of the inner condition. I didn’t ask for them, but they are here. How can the Torah command me not to want? The Even Ezra answers…

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