Kedoshim: Being Holy is Natural

In this one sweeping statement the Torah assigns to us a mitzvah that seems well beyond our capacity – be holy. Even more perplexing this isn’t relegated only to the elite, or to the most pious. Rather, every Jew is

Kedoshim: Rebuke- Malpractice of a Mitzvah

Why should I be punished for your sin When the Torah mentions the obligation to rebuke a fellow Jew, it ends with the words, “and do not carry a sin because of him.” The Targum translates this as, “and do

Achrei Mos: The Systems of Human Perfection

The Torah warns us many times and with many different exhortations not to consume blood. The Kli Yakar points out than in Devarim the Torah tells us not to eat blood because “It will be good for you and your