Minor Series

Hilchos Teshuva Boot Camp: A three part motivational, inspirational cd series that will both give you a better understanding of the Teshuvah process, and provide the drive to make these Yomim Noraim more meaningful.

Sefer Yonah: Pathways to Teshuvah – a four part CD series with in depth, behind the scenes facts, that allow you to understand the events as they unfold with crystal clarity.

The Story Behind The Story: a verse by verse analysis of Megillas Esther on 4 CD’s.

Living Through the Makkos: A verse by verse analysis of the Exodus on 4 audio cds with explanations drawn from the Rishonim, Gemarah, Medrash Rabbah, and Medrash Tanchumah

A 4 part series that details and illuminates the experience of the Jewish People receiving the Torah

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