10 – Worse than Murder

There are three cardinal sins: avodah zarah (idol worship), gilui arayos (illicit relations), and shefichas damim (murder). The Gemara tells us that lashon hara is worse than all of them. Failing to guard your tongue and speaking in a way

9 – Acquiring Wealth

Imagine I have a good friend who owns a hedge fund. One day, he comes to me and says, “Listen, I’ve done an extensive amount of research. This company is poised for success. I’m telling you, the IPO is in

8 – A Powerful Machine

Historically, documents were written by hand. A sefer Torah is written by hand. The Declaration of Independence was written by hand. In the 1850’s, you paid a scribe to write a document at a set rate of currency per one

7 – A Cloak of Invisibility

Imagine that I discover a cloak of invisibility. When I put it on, I disappear from sight, “This is amazing!” I say. “No one can see me!” So I go into the bais medrash, and when a guy is looking

6 – Words That Hurt

One of the reasons that it’s difficult to work on not speaking lashon hara, is because it feels like  a victimless crime. After all, no one is really hurt. The Rambam, however defines lashon hara as words that hurt, words

5 – Feathers in the Wind

A story is told that an older man went to see the Chofetz Chaim. He realized that his time to leave this earth was coming soon, and he wanted to put his affairs in order. He told the Chofetz Chaim,

4 – It’s a Sin

A number of years ago in Monsey, New York, there was a community wide uproar. It was discovered, that one of the local butchers was selling treif meat. Regularly, systematically, intentionally, he sold meat that wasn’t kosher. But it wasn’t

3 – A Very Expensive Habit

The Orchas Tzadikim writes, that there was once a pious man who sent a beautiful gift to another individual. The gift was laden with all types of fruits and precious items. But the person who received the gift didn’t understand

2 – Reward for Not Talking

Imagine if I were to show up at the IRS office and say, “Gentlemen, I’m a pretty crafty guy. I could have paid one-tenth of my taxes with just a little bit of deviousness, so therefore, I don’t ask for

1 – Protect Your Mouth

It was the 1980’s in Queens, and quite a number of women came down with cancer. But the strange part was that it was restricted not only to a small area of Queens, but to one small area of the