Help Spread the Shmuz

Thousands of people across the world benefit from the Shmuz.
But as there are many people who know about it, there are far more who don’t. Please help us get the word out.
Here is what you can do:

Distribute the Shmuz
on the Parsha Articles

Each week the Shmuz on the Parsha, a five minute article on the Parsha is published. We then print and mail out copies of that week’s Shmuz on the Parsha for people to put in their shuls.

If you are interested, in helping to spread the Shmuz, just let us know how many copies you need each week, and we will send them to you. That way you can help others benefit from the Shmuz.

Help distribute CDs

Run a CD Gemach
Sponsor a CD
Help with distribution of CDs

Bring the Shmuz to your community

From time to time, R’ Shafier speaks in various communities. Click here for more information about having him give a Shmuz or be a scholar in residence in your community.

Help financially

We have no major organizations funding our activities. Everything that we do is funded by people who recognize the value of the Shmuz, and want to help us get that message to thousands of other Jews who can benefit from it.

Get The Shmuz on the go!