The Dating Seminar - Part 2

12 Short Videos and Transcripts Detailing the Torah’s system for finding your Soul Mate
4 Long Videos Explaining the Torah’s approach
12 Articles
1 Book Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate
6 Animated Videos

What you’ll gain from the Seminar:

arrowAvoid the two big mistakes that most people make when dating.

arrowWhat to look for, what not to look for in a spouse (Some of these may surprise you)

arrowThe biggest mistake married couples make

arrowWhat happens if you think you married the wrong one? (This happens more often than most people realize)

Finding and Keeping Your Soul Mate – The System

A series of 12 short videos (between 3 and 15 minutes each—Apx 2 hours) illustrating  the correct way of dating, and answering what to look for and what not to look for.

What’s Wrong with My List?

Video – a total of 60 minutes in length .

1 Hour to Bitachon

A 60 Minute video presentation that introduces and reinforces the basics of trusting HASHEM.

Written Articles

What others are saying about The Dating Seminar

“A Must Read!”

So many assumptions that I had, regarding Torah, wisdom, conduct and attitude, have been reshaped by the Shmuz. This is a powerful book

Rabbi Hanoch
Teller Noted Author and Speaker

“Read this book!”

This enjoyable and highly engaging volume will gently propel the reader to view life from a loftier vantage point. Read it and soar!

Rabbi Mordechai Kamenetsky
Rosh Yeshiva, South Shore Yeshiva

“Rabbi Shafier has done it again!”

A groundbreaking volume that will change lives. Here is a book you will have a hard time putting

Rabbi Pinchus Jung
Noted Mechanech

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