The Way I think Becomes who I am forever check

Did you ever hear the expression “People usually have two reasons for doing something: one that sounds good, and then the real reason. The reality is that many motives are mixed into our actions. Rarely does it cause me embarrassment, because I can hide my true motives from you. But what if for a moment you could see right into the core of who I am and you saw it all? Could you imagine the embarrassment that even the most refined person would feel?

This is one of the most frightening thoughts in life: That when I leave this earth, I will be standing exposed, naked for all to see. I, will live on long after my body dies, and I will be there exactly as I am here, but without anything to hide behind. You, and everyone else, will see me exactly for who I am. Here, I wear this thick coat of a human body, and it covers me up so you can’t see me. But when this coat is peeled away and “I” emerge, you will see me stripped naked of my learnt behaviors, unable to hide behind any facades or rationales. Who I am, and what I am, will be clear for all to see. I will be as beautiful as I have made myself, or as ugly as I have shaped myself into being.

We were put on this planet to grow. We were put here to shape our very essence and to mold ourselves, and in that state live on.

Every action affects my very personality. When I get angry, there are two results that come about, one is that I raise my voice and say words that are damaging, words that hurt another person. That alone is very grave. But there is a second effect; I have made a change in myself. I have made a change in my temperament, in my essence. Sometimes the change is slight, sometimes greater, but in either case I have been affected, and my anger, will now be stronger within me. The next time a similar situation arises it will be easier for me to get angry, and my anger may be deeper and last longer.

This is true for each of the character traits. They are almost like muscles; the more you use them the stronger they become. If a person acts in a kindly manner, again there are two results, she did a good act, which in and of itself has great merit and importance. Secondly she has brought about a change in her inner essence. She is now a kinder person.  The “I” has changed. If a person acts in a boastful manner, going into the routine of “Do you know who I am …Do you know how big, how important, and how significant I am?” The net result isn’t only the ugly face of arrogance, additionally each time that he gets into one of his bragging modes, he is shaping his essence. He is fashioning his ego and making it larger, so that he has become haughtier. And he is a changed person. Not his outside, not his face, arms, or hands but the essence of him is now changed.

The very essence of each trait is subject to change. A person can go from being selfish and cruel, to being giving and caring. A person might have started life with a fierce temper, and during their lifetime have made great strides until the flames of anger have been cooled down, and now they stand in front of you, a much improved person. A man may have started out with a tendency towards arrogance, and by using his life appropriately he may well have reached the heights of humility.

When we leave this world we are what we made ourselves into. “I” will be for eternity what I have shaped myself into.  And you and everyone else will see me exactly for who I am.

I don’t know if you remember the old style word processing programs, to change a font or indent a line you would type in a command next to the word. On the screen the command {bold} would appear next to the text, but the printer would recognize the symbol and change the character to bold print. The newer programs came out with a feature called, WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get. Now everything was different, if you made a change it appeared on the screen as it would print. Your bold letters were bold, your indented lines were indented, right there as they would print out and WYSIWYG- What You See is What You Get.

That is what, happens when we leave this earth. WYSIWYG. What I am, what I made myself into is what you will see. Who I am, exactly where I am holding, will be clear for all to see. I spent a lifetime of thinking thoughts, saying words, doing things, and each one leaves its imprint, on me. “I” am now very different then I was ten years ago and even more so then I was ten years before that. I have changed. When “I” am stripped of this physical covering then you can see me for exactly who I am. And “I” will be exactly what I made myself into.