The Bashert Test

The Bashert test is an intuitive, natural process. It consists of allowing that super computer called the human brain to guide you to find the one that HASHEM has chosen for you—the one that’s right for you.

The conscious mind process information at 2,000 bits of data a second
The subconscious mind processes information at 4 billion bits of information a second.

HASHEM gave us a very powerful tool to make decisions—an intuitive sense.
We have to use that intuition, and rely on it to tell us whether this is the right person or not.

What questions should you being asking yourself on the date?

None. No questions whatsoever.

You should be focused only on: trying to be your self and trying to get to know this person.

  • Who is she / he?
  • What is she / he about?
  • What does she/ he value?
  • What is important to her / him?
  • What does she/ he enjoy?
  • What are his / her dreams and aspirations?

On the date as much as possible you should be focused on getting to know this person. Ideally, you should be natural and relaxed –trying to learn who this person is.

After the date is when you start asking your self questions. The focus being to see how you feel.

The three questions to ask yourself after the date

  1. Do I enjoy the dates?
  2. Do I look forward to seeing him/ her again?
  3. Is that feeling increasing?

The person can be the smartest, wittiest, most attractive person in the world, if it’s not the right one, it won’t be comfortable, it won’t be natural, it just won’t feel right. (It may take a number of dates to be certain—but after a while it will be clear.)

The decisive factor

Ultimately there is only one criterion for deciding and only one question to answer:

Is this the right person for me?

  • Not is he the best guy in Brooklyn
  • Not is she the prettiest girl in NYC


Is this the right person for me.