Is HASHEM angry with me?

“The second question is,” I said, “what could you do to make Hashem angry?

“Let’s say that you decided, ‘That’s it. I’m fed up with Hashem, and I’m going to do something to get Him angry.’ What could you do to make Hashem really mad?

“The answer is nothing. Because, quite frankly, you’re not important enough to make Hashem angry.

“Hashem is the Creator of all. Hashem said, ‘It should be,’ and everything—energy, matter, quarks, atoms, and molecules—came into being. Hashem is also the Maintainer of physicality. Nothing can exist without Him constantly infusing energy into it.

“If Hashem ever got angry, He wouldn’t need to zap a person. He wouldn’t need to bring about a nuclear holocaust. Hashem would simply stop imparting energy into that person and he would cease to be. So Hashem doesn’t need to get angry.

Hashem can’t get angry

But more accurately, Hashem can’t get angry. By definition, anything physical is confined. Because we are corporeal, we exist for a given amount of time. We take up a given amount of space. We can run just so fast; walk just so far. Hashem is beyond all boundaries, and beyond all confines. Hashem is in all places at all times, existing before and after time. Hashem is so above all of nature, that there is nothing that is beyond His powers and nothing that He can’t do.

The reason I get angry is because I’m frustrated by my lack of power and control. But nothing is beyond Hashem; nothing is out of His control. Therefore, anger doesn’t apply to Hashem.

When Hashem gives free will to man, He gives us the ability to make choices—but He governs the outcome. We control our intentions; Hashem controls the results. If man chooses evil, there are times when Hashem will allow those actions to come to fruition. And there are times when He will not. That is up to His ultimate wisdom. Either way, man has chosen to do evil, and man has damaged himself. Hashem is the Master of the Universe, and will either let that action come to bear, or He will prevent it. But at no point, is Hashem not in control. So, the concept of Hashem being angry is philosophically impossible. Hashem can’t get angry.

Hashem only wants what’s good for His creations, and therefore, so to speak, He could be saddened or disappointed. But the notion of Hashem being angry stems from a lack of comprehending His greatness.

To gain a mature appreciation of our Creator, we need to understand that just as Hashem doesn’t need us and doesn’t gain from us, Hashem doesn’t get angry with us.”