I Just Can’t Decide

Often what happens at some point in the dating process is that either he, or she, agrees that things are going well:

  • I enjoy his /her company
  • I look forward to the dates
  • He / she comes from a fine home
  • He / she is a good person
  • He / she passed the paper test with flying colors

Everything seems good, never the less, you find your self saying:

“Yes, It seems to be the right one… “But, I just can’t decide.”


This is no different than any decision that a person is going to make in life.

We have to do our Hishdalus (our effort) and we rely on HASHEM to do His part.

HASHEM runs the world. HASHEM knows what is for the best. HASHEM decides who I am supposed to marry. HASHEM wants me to go through a process—to use the world in the ways of the world. But, once I’ve done my part, then I take my heavy load and I transfer it to HASHEM. I say the words, “HASHEM, you are in charge. I have done my part. Now, I rely on You to have brought me to the right one.” And you move forward. (You may have to close your eyes and plunge-but that’s often the case.)