I Could Do Better

One of the issues that block a couple from moving forward can be a sense that:

“Things are going well but,… I can do better.”

It is true.

You might well find better


You might find someone who is:

  • Richer, or
  • Taller, or
  • Prettier, or
  • Smarter, or
  • Better in Learning, or has a
  • Better reputation

Or someone that your

  • Mother, or
  • Brother, or
  • Rebbe, or
  • Father, or
  • Friends

Likes better…

But, there is only one question: is this the right one for you.

You are looking for your Bashert

The one that HASHEM deemed proper for you.

The shoe has to fit

If you find the perfect pair of shoes, but they are two sizes too small—they are going to hurt.

So too, if you find the best guy in Brooklyn, or the finest girl in Flatbush, but it isn’t the right fit for you—you will suffer.

You might be able to find a better one, but not a better one for you.

You are looking for the best one for you, the one that HASHEM, in His infinite Wisdom set aside as the right one for you. That person might not rate objectively as “the best”. But that’s not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for the one that is best for you. The one that HASHEM chose for you.