He Has a Flaw

What happens when you find out that the person you have been going out with has a flaw?

  • He’s too late
  • She’s too sloppy
  • He’s too neat
  • She’s too excitable
  • He’s too fancy
  • She’s too plain
  • She’s too into clothing


Assuming that it is a real flaw that you have discovered: what do you do now?

Many people have the attitude: “Do you want me to just settle?”

The answer is: Yes.

You should settle.

You should settle for the one that HASHEM set aside as the right match for you.

The perfect match may not be perfect- but he may be perfect for you.

He may be to this… or to that…

She might be too much of this… or too much of that…


No human is perfect

We human’s aren’t perfect. (And, keep in mind that you too are a human!)

No marriage is perfect

70% of successful marriages have an irreconcilable difference—an issue that has no compromise position.

Successful marriage are made of two very different people who are perfectly suited for each other—often because of their innate differences.

A flaw in the person isn’t an indicator that he / she isn’t for you.

It is an indicator that they are human- as you are as well.