85. Making Wise Decisions

From time to time people come to me with business questions. Should I hire this employee? Should I expand into this marketplace? Should I get involved in this investment? And I’ll sit with the person and we assess, we analyze, based on market conditions, based on personal circumstances. And oftentimes I’ll tell the person I think this is what you should do, but there’s a very strong caveat. I think this is what you should do because wisdom dictates this. I’m not a navi (prophet), and if in five years from now it turns out to be phenomenal and great don’t come back and say wow, you are such a great, wise person. And if it turns sour don’t come back and say to me later why did you lead me to this.

Our job is to analyze it; our job is to think it through. According to my eye’s view this looks like a good decision or a bad decision, and therefore you are to go in this way. But you see that’s ultimately all that Hashem wants and all that Hashem expects from us. We’re not prophets. We can’t know where the market will be, we can’t know wha the future is going to bear. When I sit and make a decision about my life, about my children, about my family, about a friend, it’s my job to use my wisdom. I use my wisdom to the best of my ability, I ask other people for advice, and then I know that I’ve done my part.

And then I know that Hashem will bring about exactly what Hashem wants, because Hashem knows better than I what’s for my best. My job is to think it through, my job is to analyze it, and then I take my heavy load and I put it onto Hashem’s shoulders. Because my job is to reach the best conclusion I can, knowing full well that Hashem will bring about what’s best for me in the end.