Burst of Inspiration

83. Making Decisions

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Sometimes when it comes to making decisions, we can be overwhelmed. Oh my goodness, I have to decide should I undergo this medical procedure or not. Should I expand my business or not? Should I take this job or not? What do I do with my children? And many times the decision-making process becomes very anxiety-causing.

I’d like to share with you an observation that I think will make every decision in your life much easier. You’re not responsible to make the right decision. You’re responsible to make the best decision you can. You see, Hashem runs the world. What Hashem expects from you is to go out there and use your wisdom, use your understanding, ask advice, and reach the best possible conclusion that you can. You’re responsible to go out there and try to make the best decision you can. Making the right decision — that’s up to Hashem. You’re going to make the best decision you can, because that’s the way Hashem wants you to use this world. Once you make that decision you take your heavy load, you put it on Hashem and you say Hashem, You created the world, You run the world. You’ve asked me to use this world in a certain way. I rely on You and trust in You.

The reason why we become overwhelmed is because we feel responsible to make the right decision. We human beings don’t know. Our job is to use our wisdom, use our understanding, reach the best conclusion we can, and then we understand that Hashem will determine exactly what will be. Our job is not to make the right decision; our job is to make the best decision we can.

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